About Gravestones

However, it is often stressful and emotionally exhausting because many don’t know the process at all or because they find it hard to decide on one monument or monument dealer to make the perfect gravestone for their loved one’s grave.

Below, we discuss a detailed guide on how to purchase a headstone or a grave marker.

Choose the Best Monument Dealer

Choosing an experienced monument dealer should be your top priority in buying the monument or headstone for your loved one. This step is immensely important because a qualified and experienced dealer has extensive knowledge and expertise.

A layperson can never understand the difference between different types of granite, colors, sizes, carvings, polishes, etc. Therefore, in order to find the perfect, long-lasting monument that is also cost-effective, it is essential to consult a dealer first who has a vast experience in the field.

Even if you want a simple design or an extravagant one, the monument dealers/ designers will guide you through the process. They can also help you incorporate your ideas to make your custom grave marker an epitome of beauty that shows personality and tells a story of the deceased person.

See What You Like

Understanding what you want for the grave marker of your loved one to look like is essential. To know what kind of style you prefer or like, you’d have to do a bit of research. We recommend driving around cemeteries and getting some ideas of the designs you’re attracted to. (gravsteingrossisten.no) This way, you can make a list of things you’d want to be incorporated in the headstone of your late friend/ family member and rule out things that you’d want to avoid. (https://www.gravsteingrossisten.no/pages/gravstein-oslo)

You can also take pictures and keep them with you to remember what you liked about each. You can use these pictures later to make a list of ideas to personalize your headstone. Take help from the following points to select the best headstone you possibly can for your loved one. (https://www.gravsteingrossisten.no/blog/gravstotter-ma-sikres-godt)

1.Size: Choosing the headstone size is not always your call. Many cemeteries have a maximum allowed height, width, and length of the headstones. For example, most cemeteries don’t allow headstones that are more than 4 feet long x 2 feet wide x 6 feet tall. Even the diameter of the stone, and the base it sits on, are sometimes regulated. Most people do not know about these requirements, but a professional monument dealer does.

2.Color: Granite grave markers or headstones come in a variety of colors. Their hue and shade, in fact, depend on the area or part of the world they are extracted from. For example, supreme black granite, the most premium granite in Canada, is quarried in Asia. Certain stones tend to be better for etching and engravings than others. An expert monument dealer will make sure you understand why specific stones are better than others.

3.Style: When it comes to crafting a unique headstone, a passionate team of designers can help create personalized memorial stones of any style. Beyond the typical rectangle or square shape, many monument dealers offer headstones with unique shapes such as teardrops, dear-shaped, etc. The point is that the ideas are endless, and an excellent team of professionals can turn any idea into a reality.

4.Carvings: You can get just about anything carved into your headstone, depending on your preference or what your dealer suggests. The most common carvings are flowers, vines, hearts, and crosses. An engraving can also be a 3-D sculpture on the top of your stone