What Is the Most Durable Material to Make a Gravestone?

Opinions are divided. What is certain, however, is that the gravestones of today must be more durable than ever before. Traditional materials often do not serve for very long because of environmental influences or vandalism. If you come to think of it, granite is thought to be the best material for gravestones in terms of durability and natural beauty.

However, it is still prone to physical and chemical weathering, which leaves us to wonder, “Is there a gravestone material that can exceptionally withstand outdoor elements?” Well, it seems there is.

Quartz gravestones: the best choice for durability

While granite does a better job than marble when it comes to the durability of gravestones, it still doesn’t last so long. In this light, if you were to choose a gravestone that can last forever, you would have to go with one that is made of quartz.

The problem, however, is that as a mineral, quartz does not form huge blocks that can be carved into headstones or grave markers. Interestingly, however, quartz is the main component of quartzite, which is a metamorphic rock that is formed as a result of heating up sandstone under pressure.

The process of quartzite formation fuses the quartz grains into a strongly interlocked network, giving you an almost solid block of quartz. The good thing here is that quartz is naturally resistant to chemical weathering. And since the quartzite block formed lacks spaces for water to leak in, the entire block would also be resistant to physical weathering.

Bottom line,

If you have been looking for the most durable material to make a gravestone for your loved one, quartzite is what you want to try. With an unbelievable resistance to both physical and chemical weathering, a gravestone made of quartzite should last generations, and it would be a great way to ensure that the ones you love are remembered for ages to come.